Casting Process

Not too long ago a runner for one of our customers dropped a wax for casting. Twenty minutes later, when I asked why she was still here, she told me she was waiting for her casting. Another time, a new customer came to pick up her casting and asked if she could have her wax back.

For these and others who have NO IDEA how investment casting works, we provide the following
check wax
1. Check Wax
What is she looking for?
(See Wax Issues Page)
Build Trees
2. Build Trees
Location of pieces, adequate spring and smooth, air-free joints are critical
3. Investment
Trees are imbedded in investment, that closely resembles a very thin drywall mud
Burn - Out
4. Burn - Out
A programmed heat cycle sequentially melts, vaporizes and burns the wax, while curing the investment
5. Casting
With the aid of vacuum, atmospheric pressure, metal head and/or centrifugal force. The melted metal fills the cavity left by the wax.
Quench & Dis-invest
6. Quench & Dis-invest
Timing of the quench is critical to achieving desired properties of the finished casting.

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