Mold Shrinkage

Mold shrinkage is widely misunderstood. In fact most modern jewelry molding materials DO NOT SHRINK - 0% . Unfortunately, no matter what kind of mold you use, WAX SHRINKS 2.5% . In addition, the metal CASTING SHRINKS 1.0% compared to the wax. In reality, shrinkage happens everywhere except the mold.

0 - 1%
Cutting Mold All of our molds shrink 0% , except the Yellow which shrinks 1% compared to the original model.
Shooting Wax
Shooting Wax During solidification, wax shrinks about 2.5% , resulting in a wax that is slightly smaller than the mold cavity.
Ring Calipers The finished casting (in all our metals) is about 1% smaller than the original wax.

Shrinkage is (approximately) additive for each step. If you mold a piece, shoot wax and cast you lose 0% plus 2.5% plus 1% for a total of 3.5% . If you only cast you only lose 1% .

Weight Loss

Shrinkage is measured in one dimension, such as ring diameter or stone girth, but because shrinkage occurs in all three dimensions, the loss of weight is (again approximately) 3 times the linear shrinkage

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