Weight & Density Conversions

We are frequently asked to estimate the weight of a piece in some given material (platinum, gold, etc.) based on the weight of an original in wax silver, or a different precious metal.
For those who like to do their own calculating, the process is simple.

1. Divide the weight of the (in grams) of the piece that you have by the density (listed below) of the material that you have. This yields the volume (in cubic centimeters) of the original.
2. Multiply the volume (obtained above) by the density of the material that you want to obtain the weight of the finished casting.

Approximate Density of Materials


Density (g/cc)

Wax 1.0
Silver 12.0
14K Gold (inc. w/palladium) 14.0
18K Gold (inc. w/palladium) 16.5
Platinum (90 or 95 Iridium) 21.5
Palladium (95) 12.0

or 3. Use the calculator below

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